10. January 2018 00:06
by Aaron Medacco

No Custom SQL Query Option in Amazon QuickSight

10. January 2018 00:06 by Aaron Medacco | 0 Comments

Whether you're practiced or new in using Amazon QuickSight to analyze your data, you're probably already aware of the fact that you define the data set for a SQL database source by either using the table selector found in the data preparation interface or you can write a custom SQL query. However, you've also probably noticed that the option to use a custom SQL query is sometimes absent from the interface when in data preparation:

Amazon QuickSight Missing SQL Option

This can happen sometimes, particularly when you have already defined and saved a data set using the table selector option. This doesn't mean you can't use the custom SQL query option. You just need to create a brand new data set from the data source so that you get into data preparation prior to the data set's creation. Doing this, you should now see the option to use custom SQL in the tables section. 


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