4. February 2017 23:37
by Aaron Medacco

Pluralsight Audition on AWS Private Hosted Zones

4. February 2017 23:37 by Aaron Medacco | 0 Comments

It's been a while since my last post. Had quite a schedule the last couple weeks. One of the more important priorities has been recording my audition for Pluralsight authorship. I ended up changing my topic twice as the time limit of 10 minutes was definitely not sufficient for my initial ideas. Eventually, I decided to stick to something simple that most AWS professionals would already know, setting up a private hosted zone. Some takeaways from participating in the audition process:

  • Camtasia has some bugs, and isn't always the most intuitive program, at least in my opinion. While editing my recordings, I was reminded of when I first learned Photoshop. "Where is this at?", "Why doesn't this do what I want it to?", "Why would they put this tool over here, are you kidding me?". Thankfully, TechSmith has provided several tutorials for common video editing tasks.
  • Write a script first. Do not just wing it. Know exactly what you will say before you record. Otherwise you will "um", "so", and awkward pause your way through each take.
  • Record audio first, then do the video. My Blue Yeti microphone was capturing all the noise from my mechanical keyboard, mouse, and any shuffling I may have done while recording demos, which was distracting from the material, forcing me to do it over.
  • Don't talk forever in front of slides. Even the final audition was guilty of this. Something I need to improve on.
  • Record each audio segment the same distance from the microphone.
  • Demos are fun, except when you speak too fast for you to keep up with the audio. Need to get better at using Camtasia so I can just speed up the visual when this happens.

Looking forward to getting feedback.

Update: This audition was accepted by the Pluralsight team.


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