21. February 2018 21:57
by Aaron Medacco

Blog Sponsorship

21. February 2018 21:57 by Aaron Medacco | 0 Comments

When I started this blog, I knew I would always keep the content ad-free. That sentiment hasn't and will never change. However, starting today, I'd like to offer a method for companies or organizations within the AWS ecosystem to gain exposure to my readers, whilst also supporting the content and time I invest in producing it. Amazon Web Services is a mammoth, ever-changing catalog of cloud offerings that can be overwhelming to learn and keep up with. The articles I write here are a collection of my own understanding and monkeying around within the Amazon cloud and are intended to assist others who may find the content useful. To that end, using the platform as a means to advertise helpful, relevant products within the AWS ecosystem aligns well with that objective.

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My audience is primarily technology professionals working with Amazon Web Services in some capacity. Therefore, if you believe you offer a product or service that can service my readers and are interested in sponsoring the material here while gaining some brand exposure to boot, please reach out to me at acmedacco@gmail.com for more details. 


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